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Zombster Rental System

At Zombster we have developed a new rental scheme for our Brisbane customers based on a monthly rental scheme of one disc at a time. This offer is only available at our physical location and not available online.

How It Works
You are able to borrow one Blu-ray disc or Anime DVD at a time, as often as you like during your subscription period. Each time you wish to borrow a new disc, just swap it for the disc you have already borrowed. There are no hidden fees, or late fees. Simply swap and watch.

Each calendar month you pay the monthly rental fee for that month, which entitles you to an entire month of borrowing without any additional charges.

One-time membership fee: $30
Monthly rental fee: $15 per month

Terms and Conditions
  1. Rentals are for home use only.
  2. Unauthorised copying, public performance, hiring, lending, or broadcasting of the rental is strictly prohibited.
  3. Rentals remain the property of Zombster and can be reclaimed by Zombster after a reasonable time.
  4. Rentals are to be returned to Zombster in the same condition as they were taken. Damage rentals will be replaced at the member's cost.
  5. The cost of replacing a damaged rental will be deteremined as either retail cost, or $30 (thirty dollars) , whichever is the lesser.
  6. The monthly rental fee is for a calendar month.
  7. The monthly rental fee will be paid with the first rental of each calendar month.
  8. Membership and monthly rental fees are non-refundable.
  9. You must be of 18 (eighteen) years or older to create a membership.